hide - a - box

This is a great way to hide cables and costs you zero dollars! Everything you need for this project you already have, or you can easily obtain!

Project Cost: $0

Project Time to Completion: 30 min

Project Materials: cardboard box, wrapping paper, scissors, tape

1. Choose a box that will fit the area you want to conceal. If you don't have the right size box, you can always use a bigger box and cut it down to size; cut it in half to shrink the width and tape the middle and/or cut the top to shrink the height. We will be covering everything, so it doesn't have to perfect.

2. Tape down all tabs to make the box smooth for wrapping. Then, cut a hole in a side or back of the box for the cables to run through. Size and shape doesn't matter, just as long as everything can pass through easily.

3. Cut your wrapping paper just over the top of your box and tape the top down, so the paper stays in place as you wrap the box. As you start to wrap your box, after you make the first triangle fold, you will see that the paper shows you were it wants to be folded;  the paper at the top of the box can be easily folded inside and tapped. Continue this on the other side. As for the triangle left at the bottom, you can make a tape loop if the sides of your box will be seen, or you can just tape over it. (Both views have been shown so you can see the difference.) Then, cut the wrapping paper covering the hole you made. You can make an X and then tape down the flaps on the inside.

4. Put your items inside your new box and hide your cables!

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    Brandi Nicole (Tuesday, 18 February 2020 01:07)

    What a great idea! Love the Tiffany"s blue paper �. Can't wait to get more DIY solutions here.