no outlet, no problem

If you need an outlet, and aren't an electrician, add a light socket with an outlet! We have a closet with no outlet, and no other place to plug in our vacuum; this was an easy solution that was cost effective.

Project Cost: $4

Project Time to Completion: 2 min

Project Materials: light socket adapter

I thought I would have to replace the entire fixture, but on closer inspection, this older bulb just unscrewed.

We picked up this light socket adapter at our local hardware store, screwed it into the socket, then screwed in a light bulb.

Luckily my vacuum fit behind our closet door, so I plugged it into the socket outlet. Then I realized there was a good chance the cable would get yanked at some point, so I had some cable tacks and hammered them into place. I could have used an extension cord to run along the ceiling and down into the corner of the room, but I figured it's just the closet! No one will be standing inside looking at my vacuum cord!

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