no sew dog bed

Use items from around your house to make this affordable dog bed.

Project cost: $10

Project time to completion: 1 hour

Project materials: sleeping pad, two towels, bias tape, bonding web, scissors, iron (more explanation below)

I had an extra pad from my daughter's pack-n-play and wasn't sure what to do with it, and then thought it was a good size for my dog. You might not have a pack-n-play pad lying around, however you could also use an old pillow. I also had old towels that didn't warrant being thrown in the trash, but I didn't want to use them either. I went to my local craft store and bought double fold bias tape (in a similar color to my towels) along with fusible bonding web, which cost me around $10.

When choosing your materials, just be aware of how the towel fits over your pad, or pillow. You could always cut your material to size, or wrap one towel around your cushion material. When you are ready, cut your bias tape to the length of your towel, along with the bonding web.

I like to work on the floor, as I don't have a huge ironing board. You can fold one towel up to use as your ironing pad. Lay one long edge of the towel on top, with the bonding web and then the bias tape. Basically you are making a bridge from one towel to the next with your bias tape. When materials are laid on top of each other, press your iron on top of the the bias tape. (The bonding web instructions stated to set your iron to wool and press for 10 seconds to secure the bond.) Continue pressing down the length of the towel. I like to go in about 6" increments, just to be sure everything is laying correctly.  

Once you finish one towel length, repeat the steps on the second towel, lining up the seams to join the two towels. Repeat these steps on the other towel lengths to create roll.

For the end of your bed, measure the bias tape for the end of your towel. On the underside, clip the end an angle. Add a triangle of bonding web, fold and press the corner. Repeat on the other side and on the other end of your bias tape.

Clip the end of your bonding web and secure the end of your bias tape, on both sides. You might have a pointy tab left over, just add a small piece of bonding web to secure it down. Repeat this on the other end.

Once you have your ends secured, stuff your pad into the towel pocket you made. Fold the ends in and you are done! Yes, you could put a zipper or buttons or velcro on the open end as well!

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