large bubble wands

Project cost: $0 to $5

Project time to completion: 1 hour for 3 wands

Project materials: spool of wire, pliers, wire cutters, paper, pen, sticks

Start by drawing out the shape you would like to make. You could also search the internet for icons you like and print them out. You can use any wire you have laying around the house, or pick up a spool of wire for around $5. Measure out the approximate length of wire. Follow the lines of your drawing, pinching the corners with your pliers and bending the wire with your other hand.

Continue pinching and bending your wire until completion. I had run out of wire before the end of my shape, so I cut more wire, twisted it onto my star and wrapped it tightly. Please know that these do not need to be perfect! Your kid doesn't care that the shape you have made does not match perfectly!

Some shapes may need extra wire to make bubble pockets. For this, decide or mark out where you would like your extra lines to be. Cut this length of wire and make a hook on one end with your pliers. Hook this piece onto your shape and pinch the wire so that it is tight around your shape. Move your wire across to the other side of your shape and wrap the wire. Keep pinching and pulling until the wire is tight around your shape.

Once you have completed your shapes, the last step is to attach them onto your sticks. Wrap your wire a few inches from the end of the stick, to make a loose loop. Remove the stick, cut the wire a millimeter or two from the loop and tighten the wire onto itself. Replace the stick and tighten the wire; you might want to twist the wire to ensure a tight connection. 

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