curtain rod holders

Make these curtain rod holders in an hour!

Project cost: $10 to make 11 curtain rod holder

Project time to completion: 1 hour

Project materials: 2x2 lumber, saw, 1" hole saw (for a 3/4" curtain rod), 1/8" drill bit, drill, clamp, 220 grit sand paper, pencil

*We have used 2x2 red oak and 3/4" copper pipe in the above picture.

1. Mark out your 2x2 piece of lumber:

            - 45 degree angle on the bottom

            - 3" length on either side

            - 45 degree on the top

            - 1.5" to mark the center line, and then mark the center line of this line for your curtain rod to be held by - make this mark                  on both sides of your lumber


2. Clamp your lumber down and drill the center hole with the 1" hole saw. We drilled half way on one side and then finished drilling on the other side.

3. On the side of the holder, mark the center then draw a line to the front of the holder. Mark the center of this line. Drill with 1/8" bit to prime this for your screw.

4. We lightly sanded our holders, by hand, with sand paper. Now, you can paint or stain your holders to your liking. We have left ours raw so you can see the contrast on our walls.

5. When hanging your rod holders, use the appropriate hardware for your walls. 

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