re-caulk sink

Re-caulk your sink to look clean and brand new!

Project cost: free to $15

Project time: about 1 hour

Project materials: flat head screw driver/ putty knife/ plastic putty knife, caulk, caulking gun

This was the state our sink was in, gross! I tried cleaning it, but nothing seamed to help, so we decided all of the "sealant" had to go! We chose to go with an 100% waterproof silicone caulk, with 10 year mold protection, in white to match our sink.

I found it was easiest to start at the corner of your sink, or any section that is compromised. I used a flat head screwdriver, but you could also use a putty knife and/or plastic scraper depending on how sensitive the material of your sink is. Pry a piece of the old caulk away from the gap so you can get underneath it. Scrape along the top and bottom of the caulk to break the seal up.

If it is easy enough, you can pull the caulk away with your fingers. If not, continue scraping to pry it free all the way around your sink. Clean up the pieces that have been removed, with a broom or vacuum, so you can easily see what else needs to be cleaned up. 

Once your sink is clean, slide your caulk into your gun and clip the end at an angle. Place the clipped angle into the crevice of your sink and countertop and squeeze out a bead of caulk. Using your finger, smooth the bead out. The one edge of my sink was uneven, so I went over it a few times with my finger to make sure the entire gap was spanned. 

Each sink is different so adjust where needed. You might need to spray for mold or scrape out rotted wood, but at least your sink will look much better!

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